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Professional quality, carefully manually digitized machine embroidery designs and appliques. Each design is tested on different machines to ensure the integrity of our designs. We do not auto digitize. Designs are available for instant download. If you need a customer embroidery design please email us for a price quote. For appliques, embroidery fill designs, mini designs, or in the hoop (ITH) designs we are the ones to go to. So stop by often, we are always busy creating and adding new designs.

Customer Service Policy

Following is a list of the Customer Service Policy here at Designs by the Stitch. YOUR strict adherence to this policy coupled with your understanding that no service oriented company can solve all problems will be a boon to our attempt to keep you happy and keep us working on that next wonderful design project. Our obligation to you is to provide a well-digitized design that stitches properly inside your machine hoop for your use in gift giving, craft fairs, shows and general non-commercial use. You cannot use any of our designs for your personal or your company logos. You may stitch our designs for use in resale AND are limited to items below 1000 per each design. Items mass produced are prohibited! You may NOT copy, share, loan, sell digital, re-size, or reproduced our designs in any format as your own. DO NOT RE-SIZE our designs. If you re-size, convert or edit our designs in any manner, we cannot be responsible for the quality of design. You may NOT convert our designs into an svg.


All designs have been tested extensively. Designs by the Stitch will not be held liable for any damages or losses incurred as a result of using any of our designs. It is always recommended you also test design(s) before stitching it onto your final item. Results may vary depending on a combination of your fabric and stabilizer. Improper hooping and stabilizer are the two most common variables for designs to not stitch properly.


Designs come in PES, XXX, HUS, VP3 or VIP, JEF, EXP, DST formats. We do not offer ART FORMAT. Bernina’s native format is ART, which is proprietary to Bernina. You may use the EXP format instead. Included in downloads: Design in above formats, Color Chart is in VP3 format, Applique/Feltie instructions if purchasing those designs, Read-me TXT File. Please be aware that the designs may not appear in their correct colors when you open/import them into your software. The VP3 color chart shows the correct color order and color name If PES format won’t open then you need to open the VP3 format into your software and then save as PES format. DST format will also work in place of PES but keep in mind the colors will be changed. Use the color chart for correct colors. DST format is a universal format..


The original copyright of these files is owned with all rights reserved by the creator of the original files. YOU HAVE PURCHASED A LICENSE TO USE THESE ELECTRONIC FILES. When you purchase or download from Designs by the Stitch, you are granted a single-user license of the files to create stitch outs from them. The ownership of the design stitch files and related graphics files is retained by me. These digitized embroidery designs and graphics are protected under USA Federal Copyright Law & International Treaties. We reserve the right to refuse service, terminate an account, remove or edit content, or cancel orders. You may terminate your account at any time. We are not obligated to troubleshoot your PC systems or machine embroidery software should the file not open, work or be obstructed by some unknown aspect of your PC’s operation. Our obligation is to get the file to you. The machine and software instructions you may need comes with your dealer’s representation as they sold the machine to you and/or the software manufacturer’s technical support team that supports your purchase of said software. It is not the responsibilities of Designs by the Stitch to enter into lengthy customer service issues over this ONE problem. We simply are not going to do that.


With your order comes the satisfaction of knowing if the design file as it is sent to you becomes lost, corrupt or your PC failed and you have no back-up, as long as there is a purchase receipt from PayPal, Stripe (this is using the direct check out option with a credit card) or an order transaction we have on file, we will replace your purchase immediately up to a year after purchase. If you write and request a resend of a download link, your link will be resent as soon as feasibly possible usually within one hour to the next business morning if it’s after business hours. After 3 attempts at sending files to you, and you still claim to be unable to open the file or your PC is uncooperative, a CD is automatically dispatched to your mailing address of record with your purchase at no additional cost to you. THIS COVERS OUR OBLIGATION FOR DIGITAL MEDIA DELIVERY AS GUIDELINES BY PAYPAL. We are under no further obligation after this option is automatically carried out. Please allow 2 weeks for your CD to arrive as it is sent USPS Media Mail. Orders placed for down-loadable digital media from “Designs by the Stitch!” carry a download window as indicated on your email receipt (you a limit of 3 downloads per design). Please download your purchases as soon as you receive the email to prevent lag time in receiving your order.

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Please DO NOT become irate if you duplicate an order! Simply check your previous orders before ordering. Check PayPal for your orders by searching the history of your transactions and entering “Designs by the Stitch” in the search field. All of your transactions made with us will then appear itemized so that you know what it was you ordered that date of the transaction. For those of you that used Stripe for payment check your credit card statements for “Designs by the Stitch” or do a search in your emails for emails from “Designs by the Stitch”.Our files are NOT CORRUPT! Our files download and open thousands of times daily by many who have no issues. Please remember that any number of things may happen when a digital file is transferring across a telephone line. Simply ask for a replacement in a kind manner and one will be sent to you as soon as possible.

Return Policy

Due to the digital media delivery and aspect of this firm, there are NO REFUNDS of product purchases. Please make sure of your purchases BEFORE you purchase. Store credit is issued for duplicate purchases ONLY.


Because we are a digital technology firm, your messages are always available to us 24/7. We, as you do, have family and obligations OUTSIDE of Designs by the Stitch and we observe all Christian holidays and weekends off so that family and worship time is respected. Any emergency issues can be handled at any time during the off hours, but please note: THIS IS NOT THE NORM DURING CLOSED HOURS! Many of the weekend messages are left for opening on Monday.

Thank you for your continued support of “Designs by the Stitch!”


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